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Creating Summaries by Month and format of displayed date

Question asked by MichaelCotterill_1 on Mar 12, 2015
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Creating Summaries by Month and format of displayed date


On Filemaker Pro 13 I have created a data base counting bird numbers at the airport I manage. The data collected represents species, zones sighted, activity, attractants, harassments and results of harassments. This data is collected live in the field using Filemaker Go.

 Each data entry has an associated date, which is currently in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

I have created a Year Month field by using

Year(Date) & " " & Right("00" & Month(Date);2)

and my summary fields for reports sorts using this field. The reports and summaries produced are correct for each month but the appearance of the report is not the desired look.

My problem is the Year Month representation  generated appears as 2015 03 (for example representing March 2015), where I would like it to appear (using the same example) as March 2015.

Any help greatly appreciated.