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Creating summary chart dashboard report

Question asked by bcf06877 on Mar 12, 2013
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Creating summary chart dashboard report



     I have a detail report containing several fields that I would like to summarize and chart. As an example my detail report contains "Customer", "Country", and "Product" in the report body. I would like to include a footer or trailing summary part that contains a row of three pie charts summarizing the count of each of these values (e.g. "Sales by Customer", "Sales by Country" and "Sales by Product"). I would like these charts to dynamically update based on the found set of records, and not be dependent on any particular sort order.

     I've spent considerable time researching this and I'm stuck. I can only get one chart to display correctly at a time, and only by sorting the field the chart is summarizing. But if I do that the other two charts go kablooey. I'm using FileMaker Pro 12. Can anyone offer some advice?