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    Creating tab panels



      Creating tab panels


      Hey there, I'm sure the answer to this is extremely simple, but for whatever reason, I can't seem to solve the problem. 


      When I create a set of tab panels in FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5, I'm able to customize the name, appearance, etc., but for some reason I am unable to get the panels to work independently of each other. 


      So for example, I create three tabs, and when I add an object under the first one, it appears under all three... when I change the information in that object, it changes under all three... if I add an object to the first tab, and delete it from under a different one, it is deleted from all three... thereby defeating the purpose of tabs.  I'm using a MacBook Pro, OS 10.5.8... any advice? 


      Thanks in advance.

       - Hunter


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             Make sure that your object's selection handles are completely within the borders of the tab control. A quick test is to drag the tab control to another part of the layout. If the object is properly placed with in the tab control, it will move with the tab control. If it is not, it will be left behind.
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               Ha, turns out I just wasn't inserting the objects in the panels, as I had just dragged the tab across sideways and not down at all.  So when I thought I was dragging objects onto the panel, I was just dragging it to blank space below the tab.  I knew it was a silly problem... Thanks!