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Creating Table with multiple relational entries

Question asked by DavidMuench on Oct 21, 2011
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Creating Table with multiple relational entries




I am trying to create a table in an existing database that is essentially a meeting agenda.  Just for the sake of clarity, I am a principal at a school and we run student assistance meetings where a secretary creates an agenda of students to be discussed.  I would like to have the agenda be housed in the database to show a history of what students were discussed on what dates.  My database has many tables already that are related via the students ID number.  I am running into a dilemna because one week there may be 2 students on the list, the next their may be 8 students.  Is there a better way than just creating a lot of fields for the students names we are going to discuss.  The record probably really needs to be the date the meeting occurred because that is how we will look up the agenda.  So, that record of the "Date of Meeting" needs to be able to house multiple student names that are related back to my "Student INformation" table via the student ID.  I thought of trying to incoporate the portal tool but that will really create multiple records for the same meeting date and you can't use a portal within the same table you are working obviously.  Any thoughts or clarifying questions you may have are very wlecome.