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    creating tables



      creating tables


      How can I create a table that is identical to another table, just with a different title?  Is it necessary to type in all fields again?


      Also, how can I make the new table "live" in the new document?



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          What version of FMP are you using? What I am posting works for FMP 10 and I think it will work for FMP 9...


          You have a tool, called Import Records in your file menu. This tool can be used to duplicate existing table definitions. You may also be able to copy and paste table definitions from Manage | Database depending on which version of filemaker you have.


          Using Import Records:


          1. Open your source file (the file with the table you want).
          2. If you want the data stored in the table in addition to the field definitions, select a layout that displays the fields from this table and choose find all records from the records menu. If you want some, but not all of the records, perform a find that pulls up the records you want. If you don't want any records, select find all records, then select show omitted to create an empty found set.
          3. Open your target file (the file where you want to add your table.)
          4. Select File | Import Records... | File
          5. Use the dialogs to select your source file.
          6. Specify the table in your source file that you want to import from the source menu.
          7. Select "New table" from the target menu.
          8. Click Import


          Filemaker will now create a new layout that refers to your new table and imports the table into your file.

          You can now use Manage | Database to rename the table and build relationships as needed to use your new table.


          Using Manage | database


          This method copies the field definitions but creates an empty table. I believe, also, that it's only available to FMP advanced users.


          Open your source file

          1. Select Manage | Database and click the Tables tab.
          2. Click a table name to select it.
          3. Click the Import button
          4. Switch to your target file
          5. Select Manage | Database | Tables and click Paste


          Note: Using both methods may deactivate certain calculation fields by turning their entire definition into a comment by enclosing the expression in /* */ symbols. This will happen when the expression refers to a Table Occurence that does not exist in the target file. You will have to either create a matching table occurence or manually repair the field definition before removing the comment symbols in order for these field definitions to become functional.


          Hope that helps.


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            Wow - thanks!  I am using FMP 8, and am working on hosted databases.  Does that make a difference?  We have 4 hosted databases.  I want to create more tables within one of the databases.



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              Select the import records option and see if theres a "new table" option in the target menu.