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Creating tables to match State requirements

Question asked by davidr_1 on Apr 14, 2009
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Creating tables to match State requirements


Typically, my State will publish, as a pdf, doc, or xls, a required format for data submissions.

Eg "fixed length record text file with field one = "first_name"; length 10 characters;  not optional, no apostrophes allowed"


You get the picture. a few dozen or hundred of these fields, which need to be extracted from our Filemaker A-P database file.

Ideally, from the secretary's point of view, I'd add a table to her database with each State-mandated field, then automate the population of the fields when possible,  design a nice data entry screen when manual entry is needed, and write a script to export the records in the text format for Mr. Schwartznegger's mainframe.


Is there any way to automate the creation of such a table? I tried applescript, but Filemaker 9 replies "Event not handled". I know I can import fields from tab separated text file, but, can I import a schema or structure?