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    Creating the initial DB with PHP enabled



      Creating the initial DB with PHP enabled


      I am new to filemaker. I want to create an new db and make sure when its on the server it has php is on.  I have downloaded a trial version of FMP 10  and I am still not able to create the db with php on.  Its on the administration: databases page of the server.  All of the other Items IWP, XML, PRO, XSLT all the other ones are checked just not PHP. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          To turn on PHP for a file, log in as the Admin user, pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Accounts & Privileges...".  Click on the "Extended Privileges" tab.  Select the last option "fmphp   Access via PHP Web Publishing - FMS only".  Click the "Edit..." button, and put a check mark in the [Full Access] privilege set (Admin active account), and for any other privilege sets that you deem necessary.


          Now, when you load it into FileMaker Server, go into FileMaker Server Admin Console and verify the hosting is properly configured for the database.



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