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    Creating Time Sheet in FMP 11



      Creating Time Sheet in FMP 11


      I am hoping someone will tip me on a shortcut for creating a "Timer" function to record elapsed time for creation of a Time sheet application.

      I realize I can "insert" current time (doing this at the onset and completion of a timed event) but I was more looking for an automated means of tracking billable time (15 minute increments) with a more elegant interface. Even going so far as to "Pause" the timer.

      Any input or successful experience is appreciated.

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          I've used FileMaker to track time on consulting projects for years.

          I created a related table of "time slices". It had two TimeStamp fields--since I've been known to start before midnight and stop after midnight I used TimeStamp fields instead of time, named In and Out. Creating a new "time slice" record auto-entered the creation TimeStamp into In. Entering the Out field tripped the OnObjectEnter trigger and performed a script with this script:

          If [ IsEmpty (TimeSlices::Out ) ]
              Set Field [ TimeSlices::Out ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ]
          End If

          Out - In then computes the elapsed time in seconds.

          I can create as many records in timeSlices each day as I need to log my time on a given project. To "Pause" the time record, I just click the Out field and start a new record when I return to work on the project.