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    Creating two formats for information



      Creating two formats for information


      Hello. I am currently setting up the task management portion of a database. I have two tables: "Lesson Information" and "Tasks". The "Lesson Information" table contains information about specific Math Lessons. In the "Lesson Information" table I have a tabbed section called "Tasks" with a button that says "New Task".  Currently, if you click that "New Task" button you are brought to the "Tasks" table, which contains all sorts of pertinent info in a more long-form layout. Is there a way for an editor to fill in the Tasks table and then have that information show up in a short form list on the "Lesson Information" table tabbed task field? Each lesson may have more than one task associated with it and I would love to have a scrollable list that a project manager can peruse. I would also love for the short form description to have a link to the related long-form "Tasks" table.

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          Look up Portals in FileMaker help or any other reference info you have.

          If you have a relationship like this:

          LessonInformation::LessonID = Tasks::LessonID

          Then you can place a portal to Tasks on your tab on the Lesson Information layout.

          If you enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Tasks in the above relationship, you can even create new related tasks records by entering data inot the bottom blank row of this portal.

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            Thank you for the response. I have added portals to all the shared fields between tables. I have a further question. If the editor wants to add a new task that references a specific Lesson Information record, how would I propagate the fields with the correct referential information? Currently, I have it set up that if an editor wants to add a task to the lesson Information record, they click on a scripted button that brings them to the appropriate Task Table. I have attempted to create my own script that fills in the lesson name from one table to the other but it doesn't seem to work. Basically, I want to ensure that the created task report is linked to the appropriate lesson record. I have attempted to create a new task report with the same name as a lesson to see if the portal correctly updates but no dice. Does this make sense? Sorry if this is a lame question...my company is too cheap to buy me a book and the built-in help is sometimes tricky.

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              What do you mean by "the correct referential information"?

              If you use the portal with "allow creation..." enabled in it's relationship. All the fields that are used as match fields in the relationship automatically receive matching values from the current parent record. In the example I gave, entering data into the bottom row of the portal creates a new record and auto-enters the value from LessonInformation::lessonID into Tasks::LessonID of the new record.

              You shouldn't need to copy any other data from the one table to the other. You can add fields from LessonInformation to a layout based on Tasks and the information from that table, such as the lesson name, will be displayed on that tasks layout.