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Creating two formats for information

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Jun 9, 2011
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Creating two formats for information


Hello. I am currently setting up the task management portion of a database. I have two tables: "Lesson Information" and "Tasks". The "Lesson Information" table contains information about specific Math Lessons. In the "Lesson Information" table I have a tabbed section called "Tasks" with a button that says "New Task".  Currently, if you click that "New Task" button you are brought to the "Tasks" table, which contains all sorts of pertinent info in a more long-form layout. Is there a way for an editor to fill in the Tasks table and then have that information show up in a short form list on the "Lesson Information" table tabbed task field? Each lesson may have more than one task associated with it and I would love to have a scrollable list that a project manager can peruse. I would also love for the short form description to have a link to the related long-form "Tasks" table.