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Creating unique parent records from child table

Question asked by jlin on Oct 8, 2012
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Creating unique parent records from child table



     I am a FM beginner and am developing my first database for use in a meta-analysis (a quantitative synthesis of multiple empirical studies).  I have a fairly simple question but have not been able to find the answer in any available training materials or forums.       

     I need to track information about STUDIES, the main entity.  Each study comes from one journal, and each journal can be associated with multiple studies.  Now, I also want to track journal impact factors (and their relationship with study effect sizes) and therefore created a separate table, JOURNAL.  So, JOURNAL --> STUDIES is a one-to-many relationship, with JOURNAL being the parent. 

     My goal is to enter data from the STUDIES table in the related JOURNAL:: Journal Name field, and thereby populate the blank JOURNAL table with unique records, meaning one record for each journal.  When I try to allow creation of new records based on this relationship, the values in the JOURNAL table duplicate, so I have multiple records of the same journal. (So, if I enter "Nature" in the Journal Name field for 2 records from the STUDIES table, the JOURNAL table then shows 2 records that each say "Nature.")  I just want a running list of journals so that as I enter data about studies, I have a comprehensive list of all the journals represented.    

     Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.