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    Creating User accounts/passwords



      Creating User accounts/passwords


      1. I am trying to create a layout that will all the user to create a new user account/password.  As I already have it set up, by entering their first/middle/last name and date of birth, this generates a unique ID number. (I understand that you may get some evil twin that could create a situation of duplicate records).  I need the user to be able to do the work of generating a password attached to my generated ID number.  Any recommenations for a script that will allow this?  The "new account" script seems to require admin set up prior to new user entry.

      2.  When this new user comes back for another visit, I would like for them to be able to login using their prior ID number and password. Any recs for a script in this scenario?




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          An auto-entered serial number would be safer and eliminate any chance of duplicate value for your ID number.

          If you intend this to be text used as the Account Name, then this can be a text field with a unique values validation and the user can enter a name they want to use for the account name and the system can check for duplicates and let them try again if it is not unique. This assumes you create a table of user names.

          Scripts that modify account information can be set to "run with full access permissions" by click the check box of that name in the bottom of the script editor and this will avoid the need for the user to be logged in with full access permissions.