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Creating User Log-In Screen

Question asked by ChrisStockwell on Jun 14, 2013
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Creating User Log-In Screen



     I am trying to create a database with a log in screen. So when it is opened it will take the user to that screen. I currently have a script running that takes the database to certain layouts when opened on either a pc, iPhone or iPad but i do not know how to create the users. So right now i can make the database automatically take you to the log in page once it is opened, but then the log in does not work as i don't know how to set it up yet.
     I have used File -> Manage -> Security -> Accounts to create a user with certain privileges, but how do i actually make the users work? I have seen a tutorial that says to create a new layout with username and password fields, but when you create new fields on a layout it has to link to a table. So do i need to make a table with all of the usernames and passwords?
     And then once i have my layout screen working what script do i need to make the user log in layout work?