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    Creating very simple relation



      Creating very simple relation


      I'm trying to create database with 2 "tables".


       The first is basically a list of items on a short lunch menu.  It includes: Item #, item description and item price.

      The second is a customer check.  It includes: check number, a list of what the customer orders and calculates their bill .


      I want to be able to input the item# and have filemaker get the item description and price from the first table .


      I setup a relationship between the two tables.  I am able to pull in the first item but unable to pull in additional items.  I tried using a repeated field.


      Please help




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          The standard approach is to create a third table "line items" where each item purchased is a separate record which you link to your "customer check" table. You can display these records in a portal on a layout that references your customer check table.


          You can look  up "creating portals to hold related records" in the on line help system for more information on portals.