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Creating Windows folder based on field with possible spaces

Question asked by ChrisTongen on Jun 4, 2015
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Creating Windows folder based on field with possible spaces



I hope I have a relatively simply question.  I'm mostly new to FileMaker DB duties and I'm editing/modifying a FileMaker Database and scripts that were handed to me, so I'm hoping my question is simple and straight forward.

I'm working in FileMaker Pro 11.0v3 have a pre-existing layout with a button that creates a Windows folder based on a customer name.  This works great, except for when the customer has a first or last name with a space in it, (e.g. Stewart, Mary Lou).  In that case, the folder is created, but the frame that views the now-created folder (in an ieframe.dll view) won't properly find that folder with a space in it.  Maybe this is better explained with screenshots...

Working backwards...

When trying to view this customer's folder in FileMaker, I see this:

Customer name is partially blocked out for privacy, but hopefully it's clear what I'm seeing.

Going to what I believe is the function that creates that folder, I see this:

And here's the layout in its bare form:

... and here's the folder that's been created by FileMaker (last name changed to protect privacy):

I hope I've provided the relevant information, but pardon my naivete in all things FileMaker.  Can anyone spot an obvious problem or, hopefully, obvious fix that would either allow FileMaker to parse folder names with spaces in them or, if it's easier, to not create folder names with spaces in the first place.

If there's any other information I can provide, I'd be happy to do so.

Thanks so much for everyone's help!