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Creating, Viewing, and Relating Tables in FM10

Question asked by yawa on Mar 24, 2009
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Creating, Viewing, and Relating Tables in FM10


Hi all,


I'm very new at this, so please forgive any elementary questions. I'm using the Contact Management starter solution database to keep track of individual clients for a business. Several separate clients also tend to work at the same company. However, I'd also like to use a table (in the same database) to keep track of projects that correspond to companies (not individual clients).  Therefore, I wanted to use a single tab from the "Task Management" starter solution, but keep it as a separate table (not separate database) in the Contact Management database.  Ideally, I"d like this table to appear as a tab, with info on projects that correspond to companies (even though the Contact Management database is organized by clients, and not companies - though there is a field that denotes the company).

When I've created a new table in the Content Management database (that I've named "Project Management," I also can't see it - even though under "manage" and "tables" it is there. How do I create this new table, view it, then relate the companies to each other so I can enter info about the company's projects?


I've read past threads that deal with similar questions, yet the user was using FM9 and apparently there is a "copy & paste" funtion for tables in that version that no longer exists in FM 10, or I'm not finding it. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!