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Creating/storing pdf files on the fly...

Question asked by pauhana658 on Nov 1, 2012
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Creating/storing pdf files on the fly...


     Another day, another wall, another bloody nose...someday, I'll get a handle on Filemaker Pro's impressive scripting capabilities, but alas, I'm still thinking in 4D code, a 20-year habit that is proving tougher to kick than my 8-shots-a-day espresso habit. 

     Today's wall is built of pdf bricks. Every time I print or email an invoice, I save a pdf of it to the hard drive. I can then drag this into a container field. But this is tedious and fraught with the potential for errors, such as dragging the wrong pdf or simply forgetting to drag the pdf file after printing/emailing. 

     Is there some way to automate this process so that when an invoice is printed or emailed, a new record is created in the "pdf files" table and the pdf is saved to the "pdf" field?

     (And speaking of dragging and dropping, I'm not sure if this topic has been broached before, but if I can drag and drop a file into a container field, why can't I drag and drop a file into a text field to capture the entire file path in the field? Or can I and I just haven't set the right checkbox for doing so? This was a terrifically useful feature in the Billings Pro invoicing program I was using before.)