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Creation of records not working and other relationship questions

Question asked by carinahulselmans on Feb 13, 2015
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Creation of records not working and other relationship questions


Between the two tables "Kassa" (sales) and DAGOVERZICHT (Daily summary) is a relation between the two fields KASSA_DATUM (date of this sale) and DAGOVERZICHT_DATUM (the date of this summary).

What I want is that for every unique date in KASSA , a new daily summary is created so it's possible to look it up.

I've tried setting Allow creation of records via this relationship true for DAGOVERZICHT, but I still have about 10 unique dates on which sales happened, but only 2 daily summaries.

Another thing that came to my mind is that filemaker automatically creates a n-n relationship instead of a n(Kassa)-1(DAGOVERZICHT).

I also have this problem in some other relationships like the one between ALLEKASSABONNEN & KASSA , where I want it to be a one(ALLEKASSABONNEN) to many (KASSA) relationship, but filemaker forces me to use many to many and that confuses me.

Same thing goes for relationships where I want a one to one relationship ( DAGOVERZICHT - KASGELD(Cash register money for that day)), it still creates a many to many relationship and I don't know how to enforce it. I've noticed that linking two PK's makes a one to one, but I have no idea how to set a date field type to PK...


Basicly what I want to happen is that for every KASSA (sale)created, it checks wether or not that sale is on a unique date, if it is then it has to create a new DAGOVERZICHT(daily summary) (which is basicly a table full of sumfields) , and then immediatly also creates a KASSAGELD (cash register money) record, which holds all the info of the cash register in and outcome in one day.

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