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    Credit card billing



      Credit card billing


      We use an older application to handle our Data Center billing.  It was written a long time ago and has just worked, such as it is.  We changed credit card processors and NOW that part does not work.  They are not sure how long to fix it.  

      I have been supplementing my work with billing by tracking in FileMaker Pro.  Can I add credit card billing to my database?  Do I need something custom to use my credit card processor?  I am just not sure how to start with this aspect.  

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          Yes, but there are security concerns that you will need to address.

          You need to either avoid storing credit card numbers after the transaction has been processed or to encrypt that data. There are plug ins you can use to encrypt data or FileMaker 13 or newer can be used to encrypt the entire file.

          There are plug ins that facilitate processing the credit card transactions. You will need to select one and evaluate it carefully in terms of how securely they manage the transactions.

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            360works is the first plugin that came up when I googled filemaker credit card plugins, there may be more but here is a starting point.


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              Thanks for the assist Stacy and Phil.  This will get me started.  I do not really want to do this.  But, I need to research the alternatives.  The credit card processors on the 360works item were not the ones we use.  So I need to research if they are compatible.  As always thanks for speedy replies