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Credit Card Swiping FMP 11 + 360works Plastics

Question asked by AndrewCohn on Jan 14, 2013
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Credit Card Swiping FMP 11 + 360works Plastics


     Hi all,

     I'm wondering if anybody on this forum has any experience with credit card readers and getting the data into Filemaker forms.  We currently have a CC charging system built into our FM database using 360works Plastics to send the data to for proccessing.  We'd like to be able to swipe the cards into the database rather than manually entering the card number, expiration, etc.  Basically, I'm curious as to what the data coming off a credit card reader would look like, and if the data could be parsed into separate fields in our order processing system.

     Most CC readers are bundled with some sort of payment processing system, which we don't need, but this CC reader looks easy to use and doesn't come with any CC processing service.


     Does anyone have any advice about this?