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    Crew List for Film



      Crew List for Film


      Has anyone here ever used FileMaker Pro to create a crew list for a film? I assume you put the following into a database: Name, Position, Contact Info etc. How do you take that info and make it look like the typical crew list? Is there a template on Filemaker that people tinker with or do you have to make it from scratch? Do you go to the layout view to create the template? I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options on FileMaker and would appreciate it if someone would shed some light on this process. 

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          You might want to take in some training videos to get your feet wet. There are some on YouTube that are free.

          First you figure out your design. How many different tables of information do you need? How are they related?

          Obviously, you'll need one table where each row (record) represents a member of the film crew. How much more you need depends on what you want to do. Do you need a list of phone numbers and emails? Will you be managing crew lists for multiple locations and multple locations? All of those issues may require additional tables with relationships to link them.

          Then you need to define the tables, fields, relationships to make that "paper design" a reality in the database.

          Then you are ready to create layouts for data entry and for printing your crew lists.

          And the design contiues from there...