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Critique of my DB design please

Question asked by PaulCrossley on Feb 19, 2014
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Critique of my DB design please


     Hi guys, I hope you are all well.

     I'm currently using FM 12 Adv and have come back to an old project I start sometime back.
     I have re-read the Missing Manual and once again have info overload plus a million different ideas jumping around in my head.

     I have created a "Blueprint/Workflow" for my Tables & Relationships and hoped you may throw some thoughts at me or highlight any glaring errors before I get in far ahead of myself. Tried to keep it simple but at the same time staying ahead of the long term finish and requirements

     I am a massage therapist and this DB is to help manage patient records, files and invoices. One day it will hopefully cover business expenses etc too.

     Happy to give any other info required

     Thank you very much in advance