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    Cronic Error Message, Etc.



      Cronic Error Message, Etc.


      Every time I open my database, I'm confronted with an pop-up error message: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/3462/picture1nvv.png


      I'd like this message to disappear. In addition, I'd like another pop-up box to appear with the name of the Database, etc. How can I do this?



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          Take a look at what script is set to run when you open the file. If you don't know which script, select File | File Options... and you'll see it listed. Somewhere in that script is a reference to a table that is no longer part of your file.


          If you have a copy of fmp advanced, launch filemaker without opening this file, enable the debugger and then open the file. You'll then be able to step through the script one line at a time to see which step is the culprit.


          Once you have that sorted out, you can ad a Show Custom Dialog step to your script to display a custom pop-up how and when you want it to.