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Crop an Image

Question asked by RhyannDavis on Apr 8, 2011
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Crop an Image



I am working on a runtime solution that is redistributed to end customers on both Windows and Mac platforms.  The solution is a database that allows the customer to print picutered ID cards along with pictured awards and announcements.  I have a large number of customers that want to be able to take their own picture with a digital camera and be able to pull the image into filemaker with out altering it first.  They then want to be able to drag a box on the picture to set the crop.  I have done a bit of investigating and have only found plugins that allow me to crop images by entering in crop dimentions such as x, y, heigth and width.  Are there any plugins out there that simplify the crop process for an end user? The one that I worked with the most so far is the 360works plugin.

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