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    cross linking tables from within a portal row



      cross linking tables from within a portal row


      I'm a new FileMaker user.  I'm working on a World War II database that has mission, aircraft, and personnel tables.  Through a series of portals I am able to identify a particular individual on a specific airplane on any given mission.  What I would like to do is to display the information from the personnel table if I choose an individual from the right portal in the attached image.

      For example, if I choose the first name in the portal row - Costain, Phillip M (pilot of 41-29149) - I would like to see his entry in the personnel table (shown in the lower image).  Can I do this via a script or do is there some other mechanism to achieve what I want?


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          That's pretty simple to do via a script. You can open a window displaying the lower layout or you can make the data shown there appear in fields placed on the upper layout.

          To open a new window with the lower layout showing the selected crew member's record, use Go To Related Records with the New Window option to show the selected crew member's record in a new floating window.