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Cross platform font related issues

Question asked by drmacintosh on Mar 27, 2011
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Cross platform font related issues


Reading through and working the lessons in O'Reilly's® FileMaker Pro 11 the missing manual® and I have come across an Up To Speed section about Formatting Text.  I am designing and working FileMaker Pro completely from a Macintosh computer where "If you're designing a database on the Mac for use on PCs, then you need to make all your text objects just a little larger than you (and FileMaker) think they need to be, because PCs display fonts larger than their Mac brethren do. You should check your layouts on a PC, because any text object that isn’t wide enough flows over onto another line or may be cut off, which probably isn’t what you intended".  Does anyone have any ideas?  Aside from my Macintosh, I also have a desktop & laptop/notebook PC running MSWXP.  It can get pretty chaotic when making a change, copying to external storage &/or cloud based storage and viewing on MSWXP then returning to the Macintosh to edit.  Eventually will be publishing for the iOS devices but for now I am learning so I shall stick with desktop/laptop computers.  Are there any ideas?