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    Cross platform layout views



      Cross platform layout views


      I'm designing a database using FM Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac. The database lives on a PC network and I access via remote log in.

      Everything is fine EXCEPT for screen issues. I've a slight problem with field labels dropping off (and have seen one suggestion to deal with this on the forum), but the major issue is that when the DB displays on the PC, the layouts don't fit on the screen properly -- everything is expanded (bloated you might say).

      The upshot is that you have to scroll down to see the whole screen on a PC, whereas it is a comfortable one screen view on my Mac (with spare room). Is there a way to resolve this?

      Any help appreciated.

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          Windows systems require more space to display the same text--that's a fundamental system difference. I find it works best to design the layouts on the windows side and since the mac takes a bit less room, the layouts then look fine on the mac machines.

          I'd open the file on a windows platform and adjust font sizes and resize layout text objects and fields as needed until it works for windows and then make a quick check on a mac.

          If you have to, you can duplicate the layout and make separate versions for each platform and use scripts and/or script triggers that use Get ( SystemPlatform ) to select the appropriate layout, but that's a lot of extra work that I'd avoid if at all possible.

          Also, check to see if the "enlarge window contents" option has been selected in preferences for the windows machine. If it's selected, clear that selection and check to see if your layouts look more reasonable.

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            Thanks for such a quick response. I'll do as you suggest. Wish I'd realised it earlier though :)

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              Two tricks to make the layout adjustments less painful:

              1. In the inspector, click the size palette, then click the units to the right of one of the size boxes until they read "pixels". Now you can select an object and change its size by just a few pixels. If you have a whole row of fields or other objects, you can tweak the height for all of them in one go by selecting them all and then adjusting the height in the inspector's height box. (If you are using a version older than filemaker 11, use the object info palette in the same manner.)
              2. You can "nudge" objects around in one pixel increments by selecting it and pressing an arrow key.
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                Great, thanks for the tip...