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Cross platforms and save as Pdf script step

Question asked by laneystewart on Oct 21, 2009
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Cross platforms and save as Pdf script step


I am developing a database that has always been used by MAC users and I develop on a MAC.  I am using either Filemaker 9 or 10 pro advanced.  I now have a few PC users that are using the database and now I am experiencing problems with the Save as Pdf script step.  


I  have it set up to save the file as a variable including the record name.  The variable is set up as a $filename using the path to our server.  I realized that I use the "filemac:" beginning to the location and that a PC is set up a different file path variable for "filewin:' as the beginning.  


Can I use both of these in the save as pdf script step?


I have tried to set it up as to set the varaible according to the (Get(application platform) but was unsuccessful.  As I have always developed for MAC users and work on a MAC, i am kind of lost.  


Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.