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    Cross Referencing



      Cross Referencing


           Hello there,

           I am looking for help to cross reference two data bases. I hope I can explain this clearly.

           I have two data bases, "Work Orders" & "Invoicing". Within Work Orders I have a portal to view Invoicing. The two are connected by a field called "JobID".

           The reason I have two different data bases is because I may have up to 15 different invoices for one Work Order.

           I am try to find out a way to see if there is at lease one "Invoice" file for every "Work Order" file.


           Thank you,


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               I think you mean "tables" when you say "databases".

               And where does this cause a proble?. If there are no invoices for a given work order, the portal to invoices will be empty.

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                 Yes, I do mean "Tables". 

                 Currently, they only way I can find out if a "Work Order" is missing an Invoice, is to go one by one. That will take a while with over 5000 records. I was hoping to make a script or something.

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                   Put a copy of JobID from invoices on your work orders layout.

                   Enter find mode

                   Put a lone asterisk (*) in that field.

                   click the Omit button in the status area tool bar.

                   Perform the find

                   This will find all WorkOrders that do not have at least one related invoices record.

                   This can also be performed in a script--and in which case, you won't need to place the Invoices::JobID field on your layout to do so.

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                     After all the stuff I tried, I never tried that. Thank you. worked great.