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Cross Tab Guidance

Question asked by pbedouk on Jul 29, 2015
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Cross Tab Guidance


Hi ... I wonder if someone would point me in the right direction for creating a cross tab style report for the following scenario:

I have a single table with personal banking transactions. Each transaction (ie record) has a description, date, category and amount (among other things). For example I have categories like car-gas, car-insurance, car-maintenance, groceries, utilities, gifts, cash, house-insurance, house-taxes, house-upkeep ... etc etc.

I'd like to create a report which has months across the top (plus total and monthly average) and categories down the side. The months across the top would be either year-to-date (Jan thru Dec, current year) or the last 12 months. The categories down the side ideally would have the sub-categories too (see car and house example above) with a row showing totals by month for the category. 

How would I go about this?

Here's a mockup of what I have in mind:


Many thanks...