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Cross-file relationship doesn't seem to work via PHP.

Question asked by kellymc on Sep 7, 2011


Cross-file relationship doesn't seem to work via PHP.


I'm building an application that receives user-submitted data from a php form, then emails a receipt to the user and a report to an address outside the organization. The emails get sent by a script called from php on the form's submit page.

For one of the emails, some content and the recipient's address are stored in a related table in a separate file. Both the application doing the emailing and the separate file with the addresses are on Filemaker Server 11 and both are enabled for php via the guest account.

The problem is that any data, including the recipient address, that lives in the related file does not seem to show up when the script is called via php. It works fine when I run the script from the client. As a result, these emails won't go out because they have no address to go to.

It seems like maybe the relationship between the original file and the related file doesn't work in PHP. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or any ideas?