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    Cross-Platform Question



      Cross-Platform Question


      I'm a newbie considering buying Filemaker Pro 12.

      I have a mac at home and use a windows PC at work. Can I store my database on Dropbox and work on the same database from both computers (not at the same time)? Will a Windows PC be able to open a database file created on the MAC with the Filemaker software?

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          This should work for you as long as you stay on top of the short list of mac-windows differences.


          Text displayed on your windows machine will require a few pixels more in height and width. Thus, a layout designed on your mac box may have text that is clipped or wrapped in undesirable ways the first time you open in on the windows box. But you can easily go to layout mode and "tweak" your layout to remove this issue and then it will open acceptably on both platforms.

          You'll probably be able to just open the file on the second computer and test things to make sure that they work OK. Usually, the changes needed to get things to work on both systems are fairly small and will depend on the design of your database to some extent.