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    cross-record lists



      cross-record lists


      ok so I am trying make a list of people taking a certain class. the way you select who takes what class is on a form with checkboxes so that you can select the proper class and to this point if I select a class on one form it will put them on the list. however when start a new record, the list starts over as well, so for however many forms(records) I fill out I have that many lists.

      is there anyway I can make them all on one list?

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          I think you need to take a look at your basic design here.

          Is this a table of students or a table of classes?

          Generally, assigning students to classes will require from 2 to 3 tables and the student records would be in one table while the check box field would be in a related table or it might not be a good idea to use a check box field at all for this.

          Students----<enrollment>----Courses   ( one----<Many )

          Students::StudentID = Enrollment::StudentID
          Courses::CourseID = Enrollment::CourseID

          The assumption here is that a given course can be offered more than once in a given semester. If this is never the case, you can do it with two tables instead of three.

          To enroll a student in a specific class, you create a new record in enrollment and assign it the student's ID number and the course ID number. Thus, a student can take many courses and a given course can be taken by many different students.

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            its a table of students.