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Cross-Tab Attendance Report

Question asked by JohnWallace_1 on Jul 17, 2015
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Cross-Tab Attendance Report


Greetings. I am attempting to create an attendance report for a church that will list attendance for each student in a class during the last 6 weeks. I am attempting to do this using a cross-tab query listing dates on top and students in a left-hand column. One problem I'm encountering is that not all classes meet on the same days or with the same intervals, so the date header needs to be dynamic and needs to draw the dates from those related to each particular class.

I've set up a table listing each class, a table listing each student, and a table relating to both:


Recording the attendance for each class is not a problem. Producing this report is another matter. Is there anyone who can point me to a resource or give me some coaching regarding how to set this up. I'm assuming that I will be using scripts 
and some kind of a loop to populate the query but am open to any approach.

Thank you.