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CSV Export Field Contents PROBLEM

Question asked by JonathonKlassen on Apr 24, 2014
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CSV Export Field Contents PROBLEM


     My goal is to export records from filemaker, into SAGE 50 (Simply Accounting). It will only read Inventory items in csv format like so;


     "S1014","Road construction","Service","Each","0","0",,44600,51700,51700
     "S1015","Man hole maintenance","Service","Each","0","0",,44600,51600,51600

     I have created a calculation field that grabs related records and puts them into the appropriate CSV, comma separated value, format. Creating a line for each record and the necessary header, making it look just like above.

     The Issue is when its exported and i open the file in Notepad its been mashed into 1 line. From the research that i have done it seems filemaker exports, automatically remove all carriage returns to protect one field from creating multiple records. But isnt the step "Export Field Contents" meant for only one record, there in, not removing my perfectly placed carriage returns.

     The funniest part is that the program "Sublime text editor" displays it with the line separation, but Simply Accounting seems to have the same brain as the notepad, giving me an error that its not in proper format.



     How do I export field Contents to .CSV with multiple lines without exporting multiple records?