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    CSV Import - Store last record value



      CSV Import - Store last record value


      I'm importing a csv to FM11 on FMS11 and I need to store the last Entry ID from the CSV.  I can get the value to go to a global field, but that doesn't save in the database.  How can I grab the last value of entry id from the csv and store it?

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          Where do you want to store it and why?

          Easiest way to store it is to create a record in a table defined for this purpose and use set field to put that value into the new record.

          If this is for a serial ID field, you might be able to use the script step, Set Next Serial Value to update it to be your "Laste Entry ID" + 1 and then you may not need to store this value anywheres. It depends on the design of your database and what you are trying to do here.