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Cumulative total for the month

Question asked by RaeCrothers on Dec 1, 2013
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Cumulative total for the month


     I'm a freelancer and like to keep track of how much I make in a day and how much I have left to earn that month to meet my goals.

     I am working on creating a time tracking data base with one record per day. Each record has a field that calculates how much I earned that day compared to how much I want to earn in a day with the formula of 'Earned today minus daily goal amount'.

     I would like another field on each record that would amount to 'Earned this month minus monthly goal amount.' I'm just not sure how to calculate 'earned this month.'

     I've looked at  the summary option for a field, but it doesn't give me the options I need:

     -recognize the start and end of the month and pull the records in that range

     -add up the total of the 'Earned today' fields in that range to come up with a 'Earned this month' figure

     -subtract the monthly goal amount from the 'Earned this month' figure.

     I know FMP is not a spreadsheet and I'm wondering if I'm asking too much of it?