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Cumulative totals

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Nov 27, 2013
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Cumulative totals


     Hello FM Gurus!!!!

     Needs some help: 

     I am creating a monthly report to see the expenses and revenues. No issues there. 

     However the Financial Controller wants to add a column in the report to show for each line of expenses and revenue the cumulative (total for this month + total for last month).

     Basically I would have for February for example: 

     Items              Amount (current month)   Cumulative (amount from last month)              Total

     Salaries         1000                                      1000 (in January salary was 1000)                  2000 (sum of Amount + Cumulative)


     Then the Total should then be carried over to next month in the Cumulative line for march

     Any help would be very much appreciated