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      I have a database and the Layout 1 shows the currency like I want to show.  When I go to Layout 2 currency is not in the file.  How can I get the currency on Layouts 1 and 2?

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          Every layout specifies the name of a Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? in Layout Setup | Show Records From. This is a "box" on your relationships graph. It identifies the table from on which the layout's found set and current record is based as well as the context for how data from related tables may be accessed.

          So if you cannot see data from Layout 1's table on Layout 2, either the layout is based on the wrong table occurrence, or you need a relationship linking the records of that layout's table to Layout 1's table.

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            I can see the data from each layout but I am having trouble getting the layout #2 (spreadsheet format) seeing that the information is for currency.

            layout #1 and layout #2 are both in the same database.  From what I see this answer is for different databases (tables) to be linked.

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              No, my answer assumed that you have two layouts in the same file.

              But this statement is not one that I can clearly understand:

              " I am having trouble getting the layout #2 (spreadsheet format) seeing that the information is for currency."

              and do not see what this has to do with the data shown on another layout (layout #1).

              FileMaker does not have a spreadsheet format, but such can be simulated with either list or table view options. Data in a given number field can be given currency formatting if you select currency as its data format at the very bottom of the inspector's data tab.

              But none of that has anything to do with a "layout 1".....