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    Currency cross rates HTML format



      Currency cross rates HTML format



           I can not find any reliable site with currency cross rates in html format to use with Insert from URL in script . I need not only major currencies.

           May be somebody's already gotten the same problem?

           Thanks in advance.


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               API's are routines to access information on sites - Google has API's for instance.

               This search may be useful.


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                 Thank David,

                 But I use win version of FM this time and cant use AppleScript (and don't know web programing)

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                   API's are not AppleScript. They document how to encode instructions into the URL in order for an outside agent, such as your database to interact with their web page. Google's API for their mapping engine is what FileMaker can use to map an address where the address data is stored in fields in your database to cite one commonly used example.

                   But for what you describe, you probably don't need to go that route, just find a website that is good for displaying this data and keeping it up to date. Then you use Insert From URL to insert a mass of text from their web page into a text field and then parse out the data that you need from it. The exact details for how you might parse out this data will depend on the format of data inserted into the text field, but there's a Parse custom function over on the Brian Dunning web site that many find useful.