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currency formatting in cacualtion (number and text field)

Question asked by AdamReed on Oct 8, 2014
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currency formatting in cacualtion (number and text field)



This is a finicky thing, but as it's used on a number of long reports it would be nice to get it the way I'd like it.

I need to display a number of amounts of money in different currencies, for example:

$ 5,000

€ 200,000

£ 16.48

AUD .03

I can certainly do this using two fields, a text field for the currency and a number field for the amount.  Mine is strictly a formatting concern -- when the two fields are next to each other I need to leave room for the currencies with three characters instead of a symbol, hence I need to push the field with all my amounts over to the right so there's enough space.  This is annoying me, since the entries with three characters are by far and away the exceptions.  I am able to create a calculated field which combines the symbol and the amount, however then I use the currency formatting, so I don't get the thousands separator, i.e. $5000.00 instead of $5,000.00.

Hope that's clear.  Thanks for any help,