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Current Age Group Calculation Field

Question asked by notJames on Jun 5, 2014
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Current Age Group Calculation Field


     I have a popup field of four (4) age groups. I want to be able to calculate the person's current age and then have the AgeGroup field automatically choose the appropriate age group.

     I know the calculation for the current age will be: CurrentDate - Birthdate (field)

     And I have a vague understanding of calculating the AgeGroup field once you get the current age:


     Case (<5; Peewee;

     <9; Child;

     <13; Junior;



     But I can't wrap my head around putting all the pieces together. Will I have to make a field for the CurrentAge calculation, or will that calc just be included in the AgeGroup calculation? Do I need to make a separate AgeGroup table to make a value list for the AgeGroup field? And will the AgeGroup field always be up-to-date as the current date changes?