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Current best way to stay on Portal Row?

Question asked by GFS on Jun 20, 2013
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Current best way to stay on Portal Row?


     I have a script attached to a button in a Portal, that requires using another layout.  I want to stay on the Portal Row once the script is finished.  I've used 2 methods for this in the past, but am wondering if there is a better way. Here's what I do :

     1/ Freeze Window, then open a new window, navigate to appropriate layout, perform actions, close window.  This is okay, but there is always a 'flash' as the window opens and closes.

     2/ Freeze Window, make a variable of the PortalRow number, then navigate to other layout, perform actions, navigate back, go to Object, go to Portal Row (variable).  This is okay, but if there are many portal rows, then active one is at the bottom of the Portal and not where it was when it was clicked a second or so before.

     Any better ways?