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    Current dollar rate



      Current dollar rate


      Hello, I want to know if I can to display in a field a Current dollar rate and get updated, and if there is a place from which I can get this information automatically . Thank you for your help

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          Current "Dollar rate" in Euros, Pesos, Yen, or ?

          There's surely many web sites that have this info and you can set up a web viewer to display the info from one of these.

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            Hello again, I don't want to view information on the Internet viewer , I need a text field updated automatically from the Internet on the dollar rate , is it possible ?  I need to see the rate in new shekels (Israeli currency)

            thanks again

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              It's theoretically possible, though the implementation can be complicated and vulnerable to breaking if the Web Site get's redesigned.

              Once you can display the correct info in the web viewer, a calculation can "scrape" the desired data from it and display it in a regular FileMaker field. Are you sure you don't want this info in a number field rather than a text field?

              The first trick is to give the web viewer an object name so that you can use this function to extract the web viewer's content:


              The second trick is to construct a calculation that extracts the desired rate from the content returned by this function. This usually requires setting up a large calculation field on a layout that displays the text from the above function so that you can analyze it to figure out what calculation will return the data you want to extract from the web site content. (This is where you are at the mercy of the web site's designers. If they decide to alter the design of their site, your calculation will likely break until you update it to work with the new changes they put in place on their in.)

              The third trick is to automate the process so that your rate updates automatically. If you need a once a day update this might be as easy as setting your script to run each time you open your file to go to a layout where the web viewer is located, weight for the web viewer to load from the site and then extract the value, storing it in your data field. If you need this to update every few minutes, you may want to experiment with using Install OnTimer to run a script every 20 minutes or so to perfom this update process.

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                Phil Can FMP take an RSS or XML feed? I think there are a number of sites that may provide such a thing.

                I know that a number of sites can export an excel file with rates. It would be a matter of being able to get the daily feed from one of those sites to a place where FM can pick it up. Some of them require a paid subscription for such delivery service. A quick search of the net lists hundreds of sites with Exchange rate calculators and RSS feeds.



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                  XML is certainly listed as an option for data import. I'm not sure, however, how to set this up for regular updates. Maybe as an import every morning when the file is opened or every X minutes...