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Current Field Variable in a Script

Question asked by LambdaEnt on Mar 5, 2014
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Current Field Variable in a Script


     Is it possible to use a variable in a script that will cause actions to be performed on whatever is the active field?

     A common use I have is when clicking on a field, if it's empty, then the contents of the clipboard are pasted. If not empty, the field is selected normally.

     Currently, I have been creating a separate script for each and every field. The field is a button with a Perform Script action:

If [IsEmpty(Contact::Phone)]
         Paste [Select; No style; Contact::Phone]
     End If
     Go to Field [Contact::Phone]


     It would be nice if a variable with Get (ActiveFieldName) could be used. I'm envisioning this, but it doesn't seem possible:

Set Variable [$ActiveFieldName; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldName )]
     If [IsEmpty($ActiveFieldName)]

         Paste [Select; No style; $ActiveFieldName]
     End If
     Go to Field [$ActiveFieldName]