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    Current Login Always Displayed



      Current Login Always Displayed


           Hi Forum,

           I am building a CRM for my company and each employee will have a login. So that it is always clear who is logged in I want the current user to be displayed in the top right. It will often be the case that employees may change computers and then use a different employees login and I want the user to know easily if they are not the ones logged in but rather his or her colleague. Is this possible? How do I do this?


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               Enter Layout Mode

               Select "Other Symbol" from the Insert menu.

               Select AccountName

               Drag the inserted text to the top right corner of your layout.

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                 Thanks. This gets me close but not quite...

                 I guess that "enter layout mode" is the same as clicking the edit layout button. Then I go to Insert, but there is no "Other Symbol." I tried "Current User Name" and "User Name Symbol" but those don't change when I log in as a different user. Am I doing anyting wrong?

                 I am using FMP Advanced 11 if that makes any difference.

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                   I specified that you select AccountName not user name. This is an option buried down in the Other Symbol sub menu.

                   User names are specified in preferences from the Edit menu. Account Names are specified in Manage | Security and associated with passwords.

                   Just to make things confusing, FileMaker then auto-enters the current user name as the default account name when you open a password protected file...