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    Current table



      Current table


      hi everyone

      how can i change the current table? I think some relations are faulting becasue of that...


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          Howdy erre104,

          Thanks for the post...it's pretty short though...


          The "current table"?  I suppose the current table is the table on which the "current Layout" is based.  Change the layout to one that is based on the table on which you want to be.


          Does this help?  If not, please give more detail about what you are looking for.


          Enjoy the day!

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            Hi ninja thanks for anwering

            for current table i mean: when you select a field in layout mode, and you have established some relations (for exmple as in my case, list of values based on contents of a field) your tables are dived into 3 sections if you select see data from: current table / related tables/ not related tables. I'm not able to change the current table which is the 1st table done in order of creation.


            another question

            how can i copy a block of data just typing something in one field?

            for example i have a table of contacts. In another table (invoices) i type the "name" and FM copy into my record in invoices table also address, telephone, status, ecc ecc..

            thanks in advance

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              howdy erre104,

              thanks for the additional info:


              when you select a field in layout mode, and you have established some relations (for exmple as in my case, list of values based on contents of a field) your tables are dived into 3 sections if you select see data from: current table / related tables/ not related tables. I'm not able to change the current table which is the 1st table done in order of creation.

              The "Current Table" is the table which that field is part of.  There would only be one, since you're looking at one field.  If you select a related table, select a field from that table then look again...the "Current Table" will have changed to the Table which houses the new field.  Read "Current Table" as "Your current field of interest is from this table".


               how can i copy a block of data just typing something in one field?


              Why would you want to COPY it?  It would be better for you to SEE it on the layout without moving or copying it at all.  On your layout associated with Invoices, put the "name" field from Table "invoices", and the address, telephone, status, ecc from the Table "Contacts".  No copying, just browsing.


              PS: This assumes that you have created a relationship between Contacts::Name <---> Invoices::Name


              Let us know how you progress...


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                Hi ninja

                thanks again for your support  which is very precious to me. This week end i will try to carry on my database and i will let you know. I choose to copy that value becasue you can ha an invoice with a bookstore (name address etc..) and that bookstore can change address or owner... buy your original invoice have to be preserved...

                anyway i will let you know


                many many thanks again



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                  Got it...makes sense.  I do that with some transactions too.  Some I have a list of "SetField"s, some I just have "Print to Pdf".


                  I do mine on a button though, rather than automatically on field entry.  After I see the final layout (with fields from multiple tables) and I'm satisfied that it is correct, I have a "Commit" button that runs a script that prints it, and copies the record into a "Done" table.  Because it's fields from multiple tables, I have a list of Setfields.


                  Sounds like you're doing the same...go for it...it works well.

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                    Hi, Ninja,


                    Or just use a Lookup for each of the fields to be 'copied'?



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                      Howdy Sorbs,


                      Yup.  Would accomplish the very same thing.  I tend to prefer SetField over Lookup but it's 100% a preference thing.  For some reason I don't know, Lookups make me nervous...perhaps a bad experience way back when...dunno.


                      You are correct, though, a Lookup would work in this situation also.

                      But I'm curious in my app...the "Done Pile" can come from various layouts depending on the situation...I'm not sure Lookup would be easiest.  It could certainly be formed to fit the bill though.  But I personally would still opt for a list of SetFields, for no defensible reason whatsoever.

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                        Ever looking to help a friend out in Court (or on the Psychiatrist's couch), maybe here's a reason for your reluctance: as you know, lookups are triggered (or 're'-triggered) every time a dependent field changes, so... someone inadvertently changes one of the look-up-dependent field - and even, noticing their mistake, changes it back - triggering a lookup that copies new, replacement values.  Maybe not what one may have wanted.  The 'frozen in time' data has potentially been over-written.


                        (But then on the other hand, someone changes data and forgets to click the 'Update' button, and data that should have been corrected by an over-write wasn't...)


                        It's the usual: a case of, 'as long as you are aware of the + and - of each solution then you can pick the best for your particular situation'.   But I grew up with lookups in the early 90's, so I have a warm spot for them.



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                          Thanks for the pep,


                          My biggest fear with lookups is that most of my users hate the fact that I'm taking the paper away from them.  If it can break, it will find a way to do so.  Setfield can be longer, and can yield more trudging scripts, but it works and works and works.  Why use a hammer to drive a finish nail when you can use a sledge...if you try to stop a sledge, you might be able to...but the nail will get where it belongs anyway.  The folks coming after me will appreciate the scripts if they are novices, and detest them if they are pro's.  I'd rather be hated for a functioning brick than a quirky BMW.


                          Lookups work too, but if you get them wrong, you may not know right away.  Wrong data is WAAYY expensive in my line of work.  Thanks for the counterbalance you provide!

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                            Dear Ninja


                            i didnt solved the questio of current table yet cause i am into invoices layout and i select a field where i want thevalues have to be copied (not bowsing since i want to keep that record..

                            the mail pèroblem is.. when i add a record on client record a record is added to the related table invoices and vice versa when i add an invoice a blank record is added in table clients which i do not need. How can i solve this?

                            I lknow it is very basic but the online help does not help me in this... neither the manual

                            thanks in advance


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                              How can i select the title of a book and have automatically in other fields i put into the layout the author and the price of that book without creating a value list for all?

                              i'm not able to do this...

                              sorry and thanks again

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                                Howdy erre104,


                                You've got two questions up above.  First, check that your relationships create records via the relationship only when they should...that may be what's going on on your invoice table.


                                As for populating fields:

                                Table 1 = the one you work in for this question of populating fields.

                                Books = a table with the book info

                                Table1 is related to Books via the field BookID which exists in BOTH tables (Don't use book name since it may not be unique over time.


                                Your layout is based on Table1.

                                On it, you have a field called Table1::BookID (see above).

                                You also have the fields Books::Author, Books:: Price, Books::whatever

                                When you select a Table1::bookID, it joins to the related record from the Books table and the fields from the Books table will populate (assuming of course that you've entered the info on the Books table).


                                For ease of use, define a value list called "BookNames" which is based on Books::BookID, also shows values from Books::BookName, shows only values from second field.  Define your Table1::BookID field to dropdown using this BookNames value list.

                                Now when you click on Table1::BookID, you'll get a dropdown of BookNames, and when you select one, it will actually put the BookID in the field.  (It's a good Idea to have the Books::BookName field nearby so people know they clicked the right one)  Set the Books::Bookname field to not be enterable in browse mode, as well as the other Book::whatever fields, otherwise you'll actually be changing data on the Books Table (I assume that's bad)


                                Did I explain it clearly?

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                                  MANY MANY MANY THANKS


                                  all clear

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                                    Can i create a runtime kiosk application for windows with filemakerpro for macos?

                                    do i need some special plugins?

                                    thanlks in advance



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