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Current/Last/First Item Report

Question asked by JasonPenner on Feb 16, 2013


Current/Last/First Item Report


     I have set up the sample invoice file to work for a gym, invoices are workouts, products are exercises etc. We have added a testing section, with a table "Test Data" where we put in the line items of test protocols and calculations are performed from the related test in "Test Calculations". This has worked very well for us. But it has come time to make some fancy reports to actually give to clients to put up on their fridge etc. 

     I have set up what I think would work for relationships, but it doesn't. I have mocked up a sample report of what I would like to see happen. See attached. You will also see that in the report there are additional columns which I would like to see as a row in the report. This has caused me some issues. More 

     I feel my mistakes are coming from my relationship, any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

     Here are some screenshots of the project thus far...