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CurrentDate calculations in a text box

Question asked by GuyDavis on Aug 13, 2013
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CurrentDate calculations in a text box


     Hi there, quick question if anyone can help me... :)

     So, I'm in Layout mode and I have this piece of code in a normal text box:

     [code]Expected Deliveries from Today , {{CurrentDate}}[/code]

     What I need is it to say this:

     [code]Expected Deliveries from Today,  {{CurrentDate}} through {{CurrentDate + 5}}[/code]

     When I browse it, though, I get this:

     [code]Expected Deliveries from Today,  8/13/2013 through {{CurrentDate + 5}} [/code]

     Not: Expected Deliveries from Today 8/13/2013 through 8/18/2013

     The Script is already doing the conversion elsewhere, so I can't pull the +5 days from the table... and naturally, everything on the web wants me to use Get(CurrentDate) which doesn't work in a text box...

     Can anyone help me out on this?  this is my absolute last action item on my to do list, and it's taken me an hour... more time than it's worth ;) :D