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cursor position in a text field

Question asked by david583 on Sep 6, 2010
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cursor position in a text field


FM Pro10, FM Pro11, FM server11. Shared Windows network, XP & Vista. Solution built on Pro10.

I have a script that enters text into  a field. In most cases the field already has some entries, and I want new entries on top, so... I create a variable ($solution) of the previous entry and then enter a calculated result:

Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )
 & ": " &
Get ( AccountName )
 & "¶¶" &

My problem is, I want my cursor to end up before '$solution' so the new entry can be written immediately after the timestamp and user name. Currently the cursor goes to the end of the field after $solution.

Is there a better way to achieve this, help appreciated :-)