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custom alphabetical printing

Question asked by tat1939too on Apr 23, 2010
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custom alphabetical printing


I have a database of names/addresses, etc. with about 1200 records. I have created several layouts. One of those layouts, sorted by the first letter of the Last Name, is for printing hard copies of the whole database for myself and coworkers. It’s constantly updated, so I print a clean copy once per year.


I need a script for printing alphabetically by last name so that there is a page break between each letter of the alphabet . For example, if the last “A” name is John Ayres, and the first “B” name is Linda Bates, Linda’s record will appear at the top of a new page.


I also want to be able to combine some contiguous letters on one page if there are only a few entries for one or more of those letters (for instance: “I” and “J,” combining “Q” with either “P” or “R,” “U” and “V” and “XYZ.”


What would be the steps of this script?